How Do I Reset The Password For A Mailbox? Can I Reset The Password In OWA?

Passwords for Exchange mailboxes can be reset by:

Exchange Account Administrators:

There are two options to reset the password

1. Navigate to Services > Mailboxes.

2. Click Action > Reset Password


3. Click Display Name of the user > User Info > Reset password


Password can be either entered manually or generated automatically. A password meter pop-up checks if the password meets complexity requirements and determines if the password can be considered strong.


Exchange Users:

Log in to My Services and click on Change password (next to the user profile picture)



Note: only Exchange 2013 users can reset password in OWA. 

1. Log in to OWA and navigate to Settings > Change password.


2. Enter current password and specify new password twice > hit Save.


Important: user cannot change their password in the following cases:

  • Account administrator restricted password change and reset for the user or all users in the company. Contact administrator to reset your password.
  • User is linked with on-premisesActive Directory. Password needs to be changed in your AD.
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