How Do I Enable ActiveSync Service For A User?

This article describes the process of enabling ActiveSync service.

You can enable ActiveSync for Exchange users:

To enable ActiveSync service for one or more users: 

  1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL.
  2. Navigate to Services > Mailboxes.
  3. Check the box in the ActiveSync column next to the required user.
  4. Click Proceed.


      5. On the next screen, click Confirm.


To enable ActiveSync for a particular user:

  1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL.
  2. Navigate to Users > click on Display Name of the user > Exchange > ActiveSync
  3. Click Enable ActiveSync



To set ActiveSync to be automatically enabled on Exchange users creation:

  1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL.
  2. Navigate to Services > Mailboxes > Mobile > ActiveSync


      3. Check if the setting on top of the table states ActiveSync is automatically enabled for newly created Exchange users and if not click on Edit > Check the box > Save Changes.


Note: The device limit in Exchange 2013/2016 is set to 100, however, there is a maximum of 10 concurrent connections to each mailbox. You can see a list of connected devices and remove the ones that are no longer used in CONTROL PANEL, My Services, and Outlook Web Access. 


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