MS Exchange 2016 DNS configuration

In order to point the mail flow to your Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016 you need to configure the necessary DNS records responsible for the email services.

1. In case you are already using our name servers you can change your DNS records via your SiteControl.

2. If you are using third party name servers, you need to create our DNS records below via your domain’s registrar/provider control panel or to ask your DNS hosting provider to make the changes for you.

Replace any existing MX records with the ones below. Please note that different DNS hosts have different requirements for the Host / Source field.

Exchange Settings:

Record Type Host / Source Points to / Destination Priority
MX (Mail Exchanger) Type either @ or your domain name. 10 or use a lower priority than the priority for any existing MX records.


Exchange Autodiscover DNS record used by the Outlook automatic account setup:

Record Type Host / Source Points to / Destination
CNAME (host) autodiscover


Keep in mind that there is a propagation time when DNS changes are made. Typically, the propagation time takes up to a couple of hours for DNS changes to update across the Internet's DNS system; however, it can occasionally take longer (4-6 hours) for a change to take effect. The propagation time after Name Servers change is longer, it takes 24-48 hours.

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