Fax Over Email FAQ

Where is my fax number located?

On the Home Page of the Fax over Email section in SiteControl.


Another way to access the app through SiteControl > Manage Services >

Business Center gate-businescenter.png > Gate Fax over Emailgate-foe-icon.png



How do I upgrade to a higher Fax over Email plan?

Login to your SiteControl account and choose to manage the Fax over Email application. There is a Change Plan option on the home page.



How do I view my faxes?

Your faxes will show up in the designated email inbox that you entered. You can also view your inbound faxes by logging in to your SiteControl Fax account online. Please refer to the following instructions: Receive and View Inbound Faxes


How do I send a fax?

Please click this link to be taken to the step by step guide to send a fax.


The fax I received is unclear and I cannot read it. What happened?

The sender may have maintenance issues with their fax machine or there may have been a bad connection. If possible, have the sender re-send the fax from a different machine. If the fax comes in properly, tell them to check their other fax machine for problems. If the problem was the connection, try the fax again.


I’m not receiving any faxes in my email inbox. What is happening?

Log into the Fax over Email application and check your fax inbox. If there are faxes in the fax inbox, but not in your email inbox, make sure you have entered the correct email address to receive the faxes via email. If faxes are not showing up in your fax inbox, please make sure that your account is active. If these are not the problems, please contact Technical Support for assistance.


What do the different fax transmit errors mean?

There are a variety of reasons a fax may fail to send:

  • Busy - The fax line dialed was busy.
  • No Answer - The fax line dialed did not answer.
  • No Carrier - The fax line dialed answered, but did not provide fax carrier tone.
  • Transmission Error - There was an error during the transmission of the fax.
  • Bad Fax Format - The format of the supplied file is not supported by the fax server.
  • Fail - This is an unspecified failure.


What type of files can I send through Fax over Email?

We strongly encourage you to use PDF or TIFF formats.

Other supported file types: GIF, RTF, JPEG, BMP, HTML, TXT, PS.

These are the most common image files and document files, so if you have special documents to send that aren't in these formats, you can convert them to these file types on your computer.


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