Fax Over Email Management

Introduction to Fax Over Email

Fax over Email (FoE) allows you to send and receive faxes using only a computer - no fax machine or extra phone line required!

By using FoE instead of traditional fax machines, individuals and companies eliminate the need for fax supplies and repairs, and avoid higher costs of multiple phone lines and page fees. How does it work? Very simple. We give you a local fax number that will be connected to your email address. Using this fax number, you can send and receive any fax document through the Web at a more cost-effective price point. Just as importantly, you can store and organize all incoming and outgoing faxes digitally.

FoE is a completely seamless experience. Anyone can send you a fax like they would anyone else with a traditional fax machine. The only difference is that recipients with traditional fax machines have to retrieve the paper fax document from the fax machine, while you can retrieve and store it completely online.

FoE allows you to:

  • Send and receive fax documents using only a computer;

  • Archive sent and received faxes for future reference;

  • Save time and money;

  • Send scheduled faxes;

  • Create your own cover page;


Setup Fax Over Email

To manage Fax over Email, please log in to SiteControl and click Manage Services > Business Center > gate-businescenter.pngGate Fax over Email  gate-foe-icon.pngor directly from the Home Page in SiteControl:



The Overview page appears:

To open the Fax over Email management app, please click either the Fax Number or Manage link associated with the appropriate fax plan.


TIP: You can change the Number Name, which you provided during the Fax over Email order process, at any time. Just click Edit on the overview page (seen above).


Home Page Tab
On the Home Page, you see a summary of sent and received faxes.


Fax Options Tab

In the Fax Options page, you can access your Inbox, Outbox, manage blocked numbers, customize cover pages and send a fax.



*Receive and View Inbound Faxes

Inbox: Displays a list of all the incoming faxes you received. To view received faxes, click Fax Options in the Fax over Email Overview page.


You can choose to:

  • View: Opens the fax document as an attachment
  • Forward: Forwards the fax to another fax number immediately, or schedules it for another time
  • Block: Prevents subsequent faxes from a specific fax number/sender
  • Delete: Deletes the fax from the Inbox. You can delete in bulk by clicking the appropriate check boxes next to the unwanted fax(es) and then the Delete Faxes button at the bottom.
  • Email Fax: E-mails the fax to the designated e-mail address(es) as an attachment. Click the appropriate check boxes next to the fax(es) you wish to e-mail, and click Email Faxes button at the bottom.


*Block Fax Numbers

To block a fax number, click Fax Options in the Fax over Email Overview page, and then click Blocked Numbers.

In the event you receive unwanted faxes, such as fax spams, you can block the originating fax number very easily. In the Add Blocked Numbers field box, enter the fax number you wish to block and click Add Blocked Numbers. (Just enter the number without hyphens, e.g. 5553121234). Alternatively, go to My Fax Inbox and locate the unwanted fax, and then click its corresponding Block link.
You can remove a number from this list anytime by returning to the Blocked Numbers page, select the number and click Delete Selected Blocked Numbers.



*Customize Cover Pages

To view or customize a cover page, click Fax Options in the Fax over Email Overview page, and then click Manage Cover Pages.

You can customize three cover page templates: Standard, Business, and Personal. Use the drop down menu to select the template you wish to customize.


Add a message for the Header in the text box. Optionally, if you wish to add a logo or image to the cover page, then click Browse and locate the image file in your computer. Please note that in order to add a logo, you must select either the Business or Personal template.

Click Submit to complete the customization.


*Send Faxes and View Sent Faxes

To view sent faxes, click Fax Options in the Fax over Email Overview page, and then click My Fax Outbox. To send a fax, there are two methods available.

To send a fax using SiteControl: Click Fax Options > Send a Fax.



  1. Enter the recipient fax number without dashes or parentheses. This is a required step.
  2. Select a cover page (if any).
  3. Enter the recipient name. This is a required step.
  4. Enter the company name (if any).
  5. Enter your name. This is a required step.
  6. Enter the subject.
  7. Enter a summary message or comment.
  8. Locate the document* in your computer that you wish to fax. This is a required step. (Maximum size of each attachment is 1 MB.)
  9. Click Send Fax Now, or choose to send it later at a scheduled time. Select the day and time, and click Send Scheduled Fax.

Once you click Send Fax Now, two events occur: The recipient receives the fax like any other fax, and you receive an e-mail confirmation with the actual fax document as an attachment.

To send using an e-mail client (such as Outlook)

  1. Locate or create the document* in your computer that you wish to send via fax. If required, be sure to include the cover page onto this document.
  2. In your e-mail client, open a new message.
  3. In the To: field, enter the destination fax number (area code first) followed by @easyhostfax.com  For example, 5553121234@easyhostfax.com
  4. Attach the document from Step 1 into the e-mail message like you would any other e-mail attachment.
  5. Click Send. Once the fax is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. In the event of a problem, the confirmation e-mail will include an error code** and possible explanation.

We strongly encourage you to use PDF or TIFF formats. Other supported file types: GIF, RTF, JPEG, BMP, HTML, TXT, PS.

These are the most common image files and document files, so if you have special documents to send that aren't in these formats, you can convert them to these file types on your computer.

The error codes are as follows:

Busy The fax line dialed was busy
No Answer The fax line dialed did not answer
No Carrier The fax line dialed answered, but did not provide fax carrier tone
Transmission Error There was an error during the transmission of the fax
Bad Fax Format The format of the supplied file is not supported by the fax server
Fail This is an unspecified failure


Manage Users Tab

The Manage Users section allows you to change the primary user or add up to two additional fax users. You can pick and choose which user has incoming and/or outgoing fax privileges by checking the appropriate boxes under each user.

To manage users, click Manage Users in the Fax over Email Overview page.


If you click the Send Test button next to a user, the fax server will send a test e-mail message to that e-mail address.

Miscellaneous Options:

  • Format Type: Select the format of the fax document to be stored in your account. We recommend PDF.
  • Attach Fax Copy: Based on the Format Type you selected above, copies of your incoming and/or outgoing faxes can be saved as an attachment. We recommend Yes.

Click Update to save any changes made.

Account Information Tab

In the Account Information page you will find monthly usage information for the previous five months.










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