Web Storage Space and Usage

To review the usage of your Web Storage:

  1. In the home page in SiteControl on the left side of the screen, locate the Usage sidebar and click the View Usage button.

  2. The Usage side bar expands and you can select a specific domain from the drop-down menu to view the usage and the temporary domain for it.
Note: The Temporary Domain is always pointed to your Gate web storage space and can be used to review and connect to the content on the Gate servers without the need of pointing your domain to us.


In the Web Storage Space section, you can purchase, remove or view your monthly usage statistics for any of your domain names by selecting a specific domain name.

To purchase Additional Web Storage Space:

  1. Sign in to SiteControl.
  2. Go to Manage Services tab.
  3. Go to Stats & Usage section.
  4. Click the Web Storage Space link. You can also click Web Storage Space in the left navigation panel in SiteControl.

  5. The Web Storage Space Overview page appears. You can select a specific domain from the drop-down menu next to Currently Managing. Click purchase storage.
  6. webstorage-115000372210-3.png

  7. In the Purchase Web Storage Space page, click Purchase.

  8. The Purchase Web Storage Space Pre-confirmation page appears. Click Purchase Now.

  9. The Purchase Web Storage Space Confirmation message appears to let you know that you have successfully purchased 1 GB more space for your website.


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