Introduction and Activation of Merchant Manager 5

Merchant Manager is a web-based tool that enables you to easily create and manage an online store to sell your products and services without the usual hassles that come with shopping cart management.

Merchant Manager provides:

    • Unlimited Categories and Products: Because there are no limits to how many categories, subcategories or products you can create, you can easily organize your store just the way you want it.
    • Admin User Management: Create multiple users to manage your store.
    • Social Networking: Connect to your customers via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.
    • Look and Feel Customization: Customize colors, fonts, images, header, footer and the organization of your store to complement your Web site. Create and design your own pages on the store as you see fit.
    • Reporting: See at a glance your most popular items and best customers.
    • Inventory: Set your initial inventory of items and let Merchant Manager do the rest.
    • Flexible Shipping and Tax Options: Define your preferred shipping methods and configure tax zones for your store's service areas.
    • Special Promotions and Discounts: Run special promotions and offer special product discounts.
    • Customer Info Manager: Decide what information you want to collect from your customers and track customer details.
    • Search Engine Optimization: A suite of options that allow store owners to optimize their online store for listing in search engine results.
    • User Preferences: Enable your customers to set up an individual account that tracks their preferences and account information, including their order history, preferred payment and shipping method.



Activating Merchant Manager 5

Merchant Manager is our Web-based online store creation and management tool. With Merchant Manager you can quickly and easily create an online catalog and sell your goods and services.


To activate Merchant Manager:

  1. Sign in to SiteControl.
  2. Go to Manage Services tab.
  3. Go to Website section.
  4. Scroll down, find and click the Shopping Carts link. You can also click Shopping Carts in the left navigation panel in SiteControl.

  5. Select the proper domain name from the Currently Managing drop-down menu.
  6. If you do not already have an e-commerce plan, then please select the payment cycle of your choice and click Activate.

  7. Confirm the activation and click Purchase Now.

    Note: Upon purchase, you may see a message indicating that the Merchant Manager setup is pending. Although it could take up to 24 hours, it should generally be available within minutes.

  8. Before you configure the store, choose the URL location of your store. You have three options:

    Use the Select the URL you want to use for your store drop-down menu and click Change.

    Note: If you select the third option, a text field appears in which you can enter your own name to replace "CUSTOMVALUE". Customers that do not have their own unique domain names will be presented only with this option.
  9. Once activated, click Configure Store to initiate the configuration process. A new window opens and the Merchant Manager Administration interface appears.


Note: At any time within the management interface, click on the Help link for detailed instructions on setting up and managing your store



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