Set up Exchange 2010 Email Account in Outlook 2016 for Mac

This article can help you to set up your first account in Outlook 2016 for Mac. You can set up your Microsoft Exchange email accounts by using only your email address and password.

Set up your first Exchange account

Important: To set up additional email accounts, see Add more email accounts.
  1. On the setup page, click Add Account.
  2. To add your Exchange 2010 email account, click Exchange or Office 365.
  3. Enter your account information, and click Add Account.
    • In the E-mail address field, type your email address.
    • Under Authentication, make sure User Name and Password method is selected.
    • Type your complete email address in the User name field.
    • In the Password box, type your correct password.
  4. All the accounts you add will show in the left pane.
    Tips: To add more email accounts, on the Tools tab, click Accounts.

Related information

If you use Outlook 2016 for Mac in more than one capacity, such as for your personal life and for work, you can set up Outlook to handle these different capacities by using profiles. A profile is associated with and stores a set of email messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, account settings, Scrapbook clips, and more.

The Outlook Profile Manager (previously called the Microsoft Database Utility) is installed as part of your Office installation, and it allows you to create new profiles, edit or delete profiles, and set your default profile. When you open Outlook, it always uses the default profile.

See Manage profiles in Outlook 2016 for Mac for more information.


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