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Since Exchange 2010 does not have the “Public Folders” feature, we provide our Exchange 2010 customers with a free SharePoint 2010 service. It can be accessed at “” - this is created at the moment Exchange 2010 is added to the account. Please note that in case the domain is using 3rd party Name Servers, the following inDNS record has to be added there:

Source: (“” is the domain in question)
Type: A

User Creation
With every Exchange 2010 mailbox, a SharePoint 2010 user is being created as well. The credentials for both logins are the same.

There is also an option to add only SharePoint users and this can be achieved by logging into SiteControl and then going to Manage Services > Business Center > SharePoint > Add New User (make sure to select the correct domain under Currently Managing).

Space Quota
The Space Quota is being formed based on the number of Exchange 2010 mailboxes activated. Each mailbox is worth 250MB of SharePoint quota (for example if there are 10 active mailboxes, the SharePoint total quota will be 2.5 GB). There is also an option to buy additional space through SiteControl by going to Manage Services > Business Center > SharePoint > Add More Storage.

Important: Please be advised to use the latest Internet Explorer edition when entering the SharePoint 2010 web portal, as other browsers do not fully support it and certain areas of the web portal will not be visible.

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