Creating a new Open-Xchange(SMX) POP/IMAP mailbox

A website hosting and/or email & collaboration (Open-Xchange / SiteMail Xchange) customer can create and manage email boxes via his/her SiteControl management interface. Open-Xchange is also known as SiteMail Xchange. The instructions in this article are not applicable to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

This article contains the following sections:


I. How to create a new OX mailbox:

1. Log in to SiteControl and click the Setup and Manage Email link available on the home page.

Alternatively, you can click on Email icon under Manage Services, which will open the email section of SiteControl. On the new page, you can select Open-Xchange App Suite.

2. Click on the Create Email Address button to begin creating mailboxes.

3. On the Create Email Address page, follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Select the OX/SMX mailbox type. More information about the different types can be found at our SiteMail Xchange webpage.

Important: SMX Mail type mailboxes are included in all website hosting plans.

  • Step 2: Enter the name of the new email address. The email address will also become the username for the mailbox.
  • Step 3: Enter and confirm a password in line with the provided password complexity requirements.
    Note: The two icons in the step 3 area indicate if the password requirements are fulfilled and if the password fields match.
  • Step 4: Choose to activate and configure additional options like automatic replies and email forwarding. There is also an option to allow or disallow mailbox upgrades to other Open-Xchange / Sitemail Xchange plans.
  • Step 5: When you are ready, click on the Create Email Address button.


II. How to reset an Open-Xchange mailbox password via SiteControl

Current Open-Xchange mailbox passwords are not visible for security reasons. If necessary you can either reset the password via SiteControl or to change the current password via the OX App Suite webmail.

1. Log in to SiteControl, then click Email under Manage Services and then open the Open-Xchange App suite page.

2. Locate the mailbox in question and click the Edit button next to it. This will take you to the Edit Email Address page where you can reset the mailbox password.

3. On the Edit Email Address page, enter your new password and click Apply Changes.

4. A green confirmation message will appear at the top of the page to indicate that the password was successfully changed.

III. How to reset an Open-Xchange mailbox password via the SMX Webmail interface

1. Sign in to the SMX App Suite webmail using your mailbox credentials at

For more detailed instructions on how to access the SMX App Suite webmail please open this article

2. Click the System icon (gear wheel icon) on the right side of the top navigation bar. Click the Settings menu item.

3. Select Basic settings from the vertical navigation bar on the left hand side. Then click on Change Password.

4. Type your current password then enter and repeat the new one. When ready, click the Change password and sign out button.


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