Updating Payment Information

You can update your current payment information through the SiteControl web interface. Please follow the instructions below

I. How to update your payment information:

1. Sign in to SiteControl.

2. For your convenience, a quick access link is located on the Home page of your SiteControl. Look for the Orders and Billing section at the left side of the screen and click on the Set new default payment button.


2.1 Alternatively, click the My Account tab in SiteControl. Scroll down on the My Account Overview page and click Orders and Billing, then follow the Set new default payment link under the Payment Options section.


3. The Edit Payment Options page appears. Click on the Setup New Card button.


4. Enter your card details on the Setup New Card page.

5. If you want to use this credit card as your default payment option for your account, check the Make this my default payment method. checkbox


6. Click Add Now.

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