How do I renew my domain name?

You can renew your domain name through the SiteControl interface at any time or set your domain for automatic renewal 15 days before its expiration date.

This article contains the following sections:

I. How do I renew my domain name?
1. Start by logging into SiteControl with your username and password:
2. Click on the Domain Name link (under Manage Services) from the Home page.
The Domain Names page will show all your active domain names along with the days remaining before they expire.

a. To renew a single domain, click Renew on the right of the domain in question.

b. To renew multiple domains, check the boxes next to each domain name you wish renew and click the Renew button located at the top left corner of the domain summary table.

3. Select the number of years you would like to renew and then click on the Renew Selected Domains button.

4. Review the authorization page and click on the Renew Now button to confirm your renewal request.

5. You will get a confirmation notification within SiteControl that your renewal request was received.

Please be advised that if the domain name renewal is successful, the system will send confirmation email to the primary account contact email address.

Important Note: The renewal of your domain name will fail if you do not have a valid payment method on file. Make sure to update it within SiteControl or to contact our Customer Service / Billing Support for further help.


II. How will I know when my domain name is up for renewal?
You can view how many days remain before your domain name is up for renewal in SiteControl in the Domain Name section. Follow steps 1 and 2 in Section I of this article. We will also send email renewal notices to the primary account contact/email address on file in the period before your domain name expires. Please ensure that your contact email address is up to date.

III. My domain name has expired. Can I still renew it?
Yes. After your domain name expires, we will attempt to hold it for you for up to 30 days from the expiration date. During this time you may renew your domain name at the regular renewal price from within SiteControl by following the instructions in Section I of this article.
At the end of these 30 days the domain name will be closed by our system. The domain is then held by the Registry for approximately 30 days more. This is known as the domain Redemption Period and applies for most of the popular domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org, .info, .biz, and .us. You can try to renew and regain access to your domain name while it is in Redemption. There is a Registry Redemption Fee of $125.00.
You must contact Customer Service to redeem your domain name if it is in Redemption.

Note: The Domain Name life-cycle after the expiration date doesn't work with fixed dates, so if your domain name has expired and you want to continue using it, our advice is to renew it immediately.

IV. Do I need to wait until my domain expires before I renew it?
No. If you want to keep your domain name then the best thing to do is to renew as early as possible. This will reduce the risk of losing the domain.
You can renew it any time before it expires. You will not lose any remaining time on your domain registration. We will extend your current registration term with the number of years you have selected to renew your domain for.
This gives you the flexibility to renew your domain name when it is convenient for you. We highly recommend renewing your domain name as soon as possible to avoid unintentional expiration.

V. What is domain auto-renewal?
The Auto-renew feature, if activated, will automatically renew your domain name 15 days before its expiration date. To use the auto-renew feature, either your default payment method must be set to Credit Card (recommended), Direct Debit or one-time payment for the renewal fee must be processed in advance. If your domain is set to auto-renew, then your account will be charged the current 1 year renewal price for the domain name.

Important Note: Even though your domain name is scheduled for auto-renewal and you receive AutoRenew notification emails, you won’t see an outstanding balance under your account for the domain renewal fee in advance. Fifteen days prior the domain expiration date our billing system will try to process a payment and renew your domain. Keep in mind that if the payment is not successful, the auto-renewal will fail and it will be automatically disabled by the system. In this case, you need to set a new valid default payment method and then to manually renew your domain name via SiteControl.
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